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Amanda Panezo


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On Saturday, June 1, 2024, at 4:30 PM at PUNTA CONTERIE INGALLERIA Art Gallery | Shop in one of the Iconographic avant-garde spaces of RELEGANCE COLLECTION VENICE, opens to the public, the new exhibition by Amanda Panezo that will last until Saturday, August 31.

It will present the new art collection ‘NAMED CROWNS,’ a shining counterpart of bold, ambiguous, and seductive decorativeism, a joyful allegory where the reassuring energy of an irreverent verve prevails, illuminating the hidden message through the prism of an intriguing and sunny personality that highlights, from the top of the iconography, a love for creation.


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Thursday 6 April 2023 at 18.30 in Padua, in the Cappellato Pedrocchi gallery, in the iconic art boudoir, the new exhibition signed by Giorgio Chinea Art Cabine opens, with free admission.

Amanda Panezo, an Italian-Ecuadorian artist, thanks to the invitation of the gallery owner, arrives in Padua from Milan… and it is immediately spring. “Gloria e Letizia”, title of the exhibition, “brings to the city a whole world of icons between cult and glam – explains Chinea Canale – in the wake of what is my research”.

La Poesia del Potere

The Poetry of Power

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In the heart of the historic Brera district, Amanda Panezo presents her solo exhibition “The Poetry of Power” at the recently opened VMaison hotel inspired by the world of contemporary art and surrealistic design.

The two compositions that will be presented during the opening event in the Parisian courtyard of the VMaison are called by Amanda quite vividly “The Splendor of Power” and “The Autumn of Power”. Both paintings are composed by placing the crowns at the center of attention and the artist, with his intuition in the relationship between opposite meanings, uses colors – black and white – in a very specific way that returns to indulge in the observation of circularity that animates the universe. Perfect equation that supports the theory of everything.

The Four Seasons of Sun Moritz

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For the ninetieth anniversary of the St. Moritz logo, Amanda Panezo created and is promoting, making them available, a collection of twelve oil paintings on linen canvas, with the three-dimensional material technique in which she interpreted The Four Seasons of Sun Moritz. An artistic metaphor that expanding the horizons of the Sun, symbol of the wonderful location known above all for the winter season, Amanda Panezo launched a poetic message: that the Sun of St. Moritz shines brightly also in spring, summer and autumn, giving us the emotion of a bright sun all year.

Exhibition Program:

Kempinski Hotel from December 16 th to February 25 th

THE ICE Festival  February 26 th

Forum Paracelsus from March 4 th to March 6 th